Nike-tuotemerkkiprofiili U.S. 2022 | Statista (2023)

Kuinka korkea on Niken brändin tunnettuus Yhdysvalloissa?
Mitä tulee urheilu- ja ulkoiluverkkokaupan käyttäjiin, Niken bränditietoisuus on Yhdysvalloissa 95 %. Kyselyssä käytettiin autetun brändin tunnistuksen käsitettä, jossa vastaajille näytettiin sekä brändin logo että kirjoitettu brändinimi.

Kuinka suosittu Nike on Yhdysvalloissa?
Yhteensä 59 % yhdysvaltalaisista urheilu- ja ulkoiluverkkokaupan käyttäjistä sanoo pitävänsä Nikestä. Todellisuudessa niistä 95 prosentista yhdysvaltalaisista vastaajista, jotka tuntevat Niken, 62 prosenttia ihmisistä pitää brändistä.

Mikä on Niken käyttöosuus Yhdysvalloissa?
Kaiken kaikkiaan 48 % urheilun ja ulkoilun verkkokaupan käyttäjistä Yhdysvalloissa käyttää Nikeä. Tämä tarkoittaa, että 95 %:sta merkin tuntevista 51 % käyttää niitä.

Kuinka uskollisia Niken asiakkaat ovat?
Noin 43 % urheilun ja ulkoilun verkkokaupan käyttäjistä Yhdysvalloissa sanoo käyttävänsä Nikeä uudelleen. Suhteessa tuotemerkin 48 %:n käyttöosuuteen tämä tarkoittaa, että 90 % heidän asiakkaistaan ​​osoittaa uskollisuutta brändille.

Mitä meteliä Niken ympärillä on Yhdysvalloissa?
Kesäkuussa 2022 noin 42 % yhdysvaltalaisista urheilu- ja ulkoiluverkkokaupan käyttäjistä oli kuullut Nikestä mediassa, sosiaalisessa mediassa tai mainonnassa viimeisen kolmen kuukauden aikana. 95 %:sta, jotka tuntevat merkin, se on 44 %, mikä tarkoittaa, että Niken ympärillä oli Yhdysvalloissa kyselyn aikaan jonkin verran vilinää.

Jos haluat verrata brändejä, tehdä syvällisiä sukelluksia valitsemillasi kyselykohdilla, suodattaa verkkoväestön tai tietyn tuotemerkin käyttäjien mukaan tai tarkastella omia käsin räätälöityjä kohderyhmiäsi,Consumer Insights Brand KPI -tutkimusoletko suojannut.


What percentage of people prefer Nike? ›

In total, 67% of U.S. sportswear users say they like Nike. However, in actuality, among the 95% of U.S. respondents who know Nike, 71% of people like the brand.

How strong is Nike's brand recognition? ›

In June 2022, about 42% of U.S. sports and outdoor online shop users had heard about Nike in the media, on social media, or in advertising over the past three months. Of the 95% who know the brand, that's 44%, meaning at the time of the survey there's some buzz around Nike in the United States.

What country is Nike most popular? ›

With a market capitalization of $197.8 billion, Nike is among the 50 most valuable companies in the world. Nike stats show that it's still the most popular sports brand in the world. In February 2022, had over 98 million visits. The United States had the highest number of visitors to Nike's official website.

How do people perceive Nike? ›

Actually, Nike is still dominating as the top-selling athletic shoe brand in the world. Following then, 24.57% wear as a fashion trend, while (19.78%) say excellent brand quality. Thereafter, great comfort (4.35%) and high affordability (3.38%).

What age buys Nike the most? ›

What demographic buys the most Nike products? Consumers between the ages of 15-40 buy the most Nike products, including sneakers, apparel, and sporting goods.

Who is Nike's biggest customer? ›

Although with apparel and sports the market can be broad, for the most part Nike primarily targets consumers who are between the ages of 15-40. The company caters to both men and women athletes equally, and is placing an increasing focus on tweens and teens to build long-term brand loyalty.

Why are stores dropping Nike? ›

Nike has been reducing the number of traditional retailers it sells to over the past few years. Instead, Nike has shifted sales to its own shops, websites and mobile apps, along with select stores, to take more of a direct-to-consumer business approach.

Which is better Nike or Adidas? ›

If we talk about style and comfort, no one is the clear winner in the battle of best shoes in India. In short, choosing Nike shoes or Adidas shoes depends on personal taste. Both companies have a good reputation and offer high-quality footwear.

Is Nike the richest brand in the world? ›

Nike has secured the title as the world's most valuable sports brand in the Brand Finance report for the seventh year in a row.

What state sells the most Nike? ›

How many Nike stores are there in the United States? There are 291 Nike stores in the United States as of July 11, 2023. The state with the most number of Nike locations in the US is California, with 46 stores, which is about 16% of all Nike stores in the US.

What race buys the most Nike products? ›

For example, the company's market research shows 13% of Americans identify as African American, yet 18% of Nike buyers are black. Hispanics account for 16% of the population, but represent 19% of Nike buyers. And, Asians account for 3% of the population, but 5% of Nike customers.

What percentage of Nike does Michael Jordan own? ›

In the past five years, the Jordan Brand has brought in $19 billion USD for Nike. Though the brand generates close to $20 billion USD, Michael only receives 5% from the brand. In 2020, it was reported that Jordan's contract earned him $1.3 billion USD from Nike, the most any athlete has made from Nike.

What makes Nike so unique? ›

Although most of Nike's market was the public that used their shoes just for walking around yet Nike was committed to design their shoes according to the high standards of professional competition. They listened to athletes and designed shoes that satisfy their needs for high performance and durability.

What makes Nike so popular? ›

Nike's business strategy is straightforward: engage in brand creation through emotional marketing and sports star endorsements, manufacture products with high-quality, market-leading technology, and acquire competitive sports brands. Nike's swoosh dominates the footwear industry.

What are three words to describe Nike? ›

Inspiration. Innovation. Empowerment. These are just a few words that describe Nike's branding.

How many people love Nike? ›

To begin with, Nike is the top-selling athletic shoe brand in the world, commanding 48% of the athletic footwear market in the U.S. and 31% globally. So it makes sense that athletic shoe stores would display more of that brand than any other. Simple supply and demand.

How popular is Nike? ›

Not only is it one of the most popular sportswear brand among teenagers, it is also one of America's favorite clothing and footwear brands. Moreover, Nike's popularity has expanded substantially beyond the United States in recent years, with non-U.S. markets now bringing in a 60 percent share of the company's revenue.

How many people prefer Nike over Adidas? ›

Sportswear Brands

59 percent of Americans surveyed by Statista said they owned at least one Nike item, followed by 49 percent who said they had something by Adidas in their closet. However, 88 percent said they would purchase Nike again, followed by 85 percent who said the same about Adidas.

Do people prefer Nike or Adidas? ›

Nike is typically considered more popular than Adidas. Nike has established itself as a global brand and household name, with a strong presence in sportswear and a reputation for quality products.

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